Strengthen your Business by Securing

it on a Blockchain

What do we do?
We make it easy to introduce & use Blockchain Technology
with Your Software, Product or Company.
Driving Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) by:
❖ Blockchain Software and Smart Contracts
❖ Cutting out 3rd party hidden costs and slow data services.

Current Products

Why do You need it?

To Improve Your Business
Blockchain technology brings two major benefits to existing Internet-based business services:
Trust, and Transparency.

❖ Real Time Data Access: DLT Services Track Outcomes that are Immutable and Transparent.
❖ Increased Complexity: We can include Many Entities in the Smart Contract Development.
❖ Automating Basket processes and Vendor reconciliation, lowering costs further.
❖ Remote Delivery: Provisioning with Open Source Services and IPFS infrastructures.
❖ Even enabling “no data” services.

❖Wallet APP:

Stable Coin Integration, Telecoms, Fiat On & Off Ramp Card Solutions &
Decentralized Index Fund Solutions.
-Business2Blockchain Finance Project/Product building capabilities with ready to use
Blockchain Software and or Full Stack Development Teams. Further more we will allow
for easy access to new Financial Services.


Profile, (ID & Passport Management), Education (Schools/Universities),
Certification Processes, Career Path & Corporate Integrity.
-Business2Blockchain can load Profile (ID) Data to a Blockchain for safe keeping &
-Enable the Data to communicate in a trustless environment with other software.


Estate Planning, Insurance, Placing your Assets, Equity or Securities on Blockchain DLT.
-Business2Blockchain can load any Assets to Blockchain DLT to enable
-Fast, Global Exposure & Movement, which intern scales offset & stability in general.


Education, Consulting, Placement, Management.
-Business2Blockchain offers Blockchain Knowledge through Courses & Consulting, &
-Will automate HR services securely and speed up the AI process to connect “ A & B”

❖Supply Chain:

Data Management and Software Integration.
-Business2Blockchain can integrate Blockchain DLT into any current
Supply Chain Networks to scale the operations integrity, workflow & cost reduction.

❖Royalty & Licensing Integrity:

Profile & Data Management.
-Business2Blockchain can integrate ready made “Plug & Play” solutions to combine
current software to a secure & transparent Blockchain Network, scaling it with
Smart Contract to automate the payment process.

Smart Contracts: Digital Contracts


Smart contracts are lines of code that are stored on a blockchain and automatically execute when predetermined terms and conditions are met.

They are the improvements of “paper contracts”.
They are faster, cheaper, and scalable. Their benefits are typically used to enforce some type of agreement so that all participants can be certain of the outcome, without an intermediary’s involvement.

Smart contracts help improve Corporate Governance and the execution time of transactions significantly, increasing transaction volume rapidly.

Smart Contracts codes can be inspected and audited by anyone.

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